Bapeco focuses on the recycling of plastics, mainly HDPE, LDPE, PP-homo, PP-copo, ABS, hPS, PS, PBT, PA 6, PA 6 6 and PET materials.

The plastic regenerate (the recycled plastics) is produced based on the customer’s requirements. That means that the input material is sorted according to the required kinds of materials and colours. Based on the requirements of the customer, we produce the material with desired grain fraction in sizes of: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

Nowadays, we are able to process plastic monoblocks (so-called ingots) weighing over 100kg, that are created during the initiating process of the production, as for example during injection, blowing or extrusion.

Every year, our company produces around 4,000 tons of recycled plastic products, part of which we consume in our own production and the other part is supplied to the plastic manufacturers.

The plastic regenerate is packed in the high-volume bags that are further packed in the PE foil. These packages are shipped to the customer on pallets.

The hourly capacity of our company’s recycling facilities is approximately 2,475 kg of regenerate per hour. In case, there is large amount of plastic waste to be disposed in one place, we are able to take our technicians and staff and dispose this waste in a very short period of time. The capacity of our mobile crusher is approximately 20 tons per 24 hours of continuous operation.

The recycled plastics of differents kinds and various colours we successfully deliver not only to manufacturers in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The produces material we ship to the manufacturers who use it during the process of injection molding, as well as extrusion.

Last but not least, we manufacture the bulky plastic waste for our customers, who are not able to make it ready by themselves for the process of manufacturing.